New Bounce Bag Corner Takes Center Stage at 85 Dawson Road

Feel free to give & take!

Community Care - 17/07/2023
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Feel free to give & take!

In the midst of an ever-changing global landscape, characterized by the pressing challenges of climate change and escalating environmental degradation, it has become imperative for us to promptly undertake decisive measures to safeguard our planet.

One of the simplest yet impactful ways to contribute to this cause is by reducing our consumption of single-use plastics.

With this in mind, the Tanjong Pagar Town Council (TPTC) has collaborated with Plastic Lite SG to introduce an innovative community initiative – the Bounce Bag Point.

A new Bounce Bag Point has been unveiled at Blk 85 Dawson Road on 20th July, exemplifying a collective effort by TPTC and Plastic Lite SG to encourage residents to adopt more sustainable habits and embrace a greener future.

By providing a platform for the sharing of reusable bags, this initiative aims to curb the excessive use of disposable and plastic bags in our community.

Picture this: 

you step into your local supermarket, ready to tackle your grocery list. But, as you approach the entrance, you realize that you forgot your reusable bag at home. In the past, this would have been a moment of frustration and guilt, as you reluctantly resorted to using yet another plastic bag. However, thanks to the Bounce Bag Point, those days are behind us.

Residents of Tanjong Pagar now have the opportunity to give or take a free bag from the Bounce Bag Point at 85 Dawson Road. Residents can now alleviate the burden of forgetfulness by utilizing these bags, with the expectation that they return the favor by bringing back extras on their subsequent visits. This virtuous cycle ensures that no one is left behind and that those in need can also benefit from this initiative.

This simple act creates a ripple effect of positive change, as it not only reduces the demand for single-use plastics but also fosters a sense of community and responsibility!

The Bounce Bag initiative aligns perfectly with the nationwide movement to #saynotoplasticbags.

With the recent news that major supermarkets will begin charging at least 5 cents per plastic bag from mid-2023, now is the time for us to take control of our habits and make conscious choices. By utilizing the Bounce Bag Point, we can stand up against the convenience-driven culture of single-use plastics and become catalysts for change.

Together, let us bounce back against plastic pollution, one reusable bag at a time.

Residents doing their grocery shopping at the NTUC FairPrice in Bukit Merah Central
Bounce Bag Point at 85 Dawson Road

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