TPTC’s Textile Recycling Campaign Collects 1,069KG of Textiles Through 11 Extra Bins

Conveniently located temporary bins help make our residents' spring cleaning easier and greener.

Green Town - 04/04/2024
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From 15 January to 4 February, Tanjong Pagar Town Council (TPTC) introduced 11 temporary collection points around town for its Textile Recycling Campaign, acquiring 1,069kg of textiles for reprocessing or repurposing.

The short-term collection centres were located in various areas across Our Tanjong Pagar:

The additional bins supported our residents’ Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning needs: they could recycle old clothes, towels, curtains, blankets, and more instead of just throwing them away. Besides tidying their homes, they were also able to contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment.

How the Textile Recycling Initiative Started

TPTC recognises how the fashion industry plays a significant role in increasing global discards. According to a 2022 report by the Singapore Fashion Council, producing 1kg of fabric releases about 23kg of greenhouse gases. Creating a pair of jeans uses 7,500 litres of water. In the same year as the report, Singapore generated 254,000 tonnes of textiles, which was clear evidence that something needed to be done.

To limit textile waste, we’re promoting a textile recycling programme across Our Tanjong Pagar, where residents are encouraged to drop off a wide range of textiles at locations near them.

The donated textiles would then undergo a sorting process where non-reusable items are repurposed, and reusable ones are redistributed.

Extra Bins Helped Residents Tackle CNY Spring Cleaning Needs

The idea of putting up 11 extra bins started with Min Indranee Rajah and her Chinese New Year spring cleaning activity.

During Chinese New Year, spring cleaning often leads to a surge in waste. Anticipating this, Min. Indranee thought extra bins would be helpful for other residents tackling their cleaning projects.

She quickly reached out to the Town Council, proposing the installation of additional collection points around town. This led to a successful collection drive with over 1,000 additional kg of textiles gathered.

Collected textiles went to Lifeline Clothing for upcycling or recycling at a factory in Malaysia.

The Additional Bins Were Temporary, But Textile Recycling is Here to Stay!

You can donate textiles anytime, not just on special occasions: our textile recycling drive is a perpetual programme. If you have a closet overflowing with unworn clothes, towels, or other textiles, we urge you to give them a new life!  You can locate our permanent textile recycling bins on this map.

Textile waste is a massive global issue, but together we can make a significant dent in it. Let’s be part of the solution. By recycling your textiles, you will contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry while reducing your environmental footprint.

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